If you love the sharp-sweet taste of Seville orange marmalade and chunky, fruity jams but don’t have time to make them yourself, try these homemade conserves straight from my kitchen.

There’s Mary’s Seville or Grapefruit Marmalade, Mary’s Strawberry Conserve, Apricot Conserve (with or without edible kernels), Peach Conserve, Raspberry Conserve, Black Cherry  Conserve, Blackcurrant Jam, Damson Jam, Victoria Plum Jam, Blackberry & Apple Jam, Quince Jam and Crab Apple Jelly. They are all made from fresh fruit, sugar and lemon juice. Nothing else. 

I supply eight delis in London, including Earth in Kentish Town, Jereboams in Holland Park, MacFarlane’s in Clapham and Two Peas in a Pod in Barnes. My jams are also sold at Toucan in Minehead and Mill Farm Organic in Alton, Hampshire.

I can deliver to homes in Inner London for a small charge if you order six or more jars. Contact me at mary@marysmarmalade.co.uk

If you live outside London, order online and the jams will be sent safely by post.


Welcome to the real thing

What people say

  1. “We have just had the most amazing Mary’s Strawberry Conserve! We spotted it in Bear & Wolf in Tufnell Park and brought it home for breakfast –delicious.” Suzannah, London 

  2. For me, your marmalade is the yardstick and nothing else matches up.” David M, Bristol 

  3. “Your marmalade and jams are delicious. We buy them as gifts and then keep them all to ourselves.” Maria V, London.

Two stars in 2017!

My Blackcurrant Jam has  won two stars in this year’s Great Taste Awards. The judges said: “Wow – this has the flavour of the actual blackcurrant patch! It made us smile and we felt this was accomplished preserve making.”

2016 The Apricot with edible kernels won 2-stars

2015 The Mulberry and Damson jams both won a Great Taste Award.

2014: The Strawberry Conserve won a Great Taste Award

2013: Both Grapefruit and Seville orange marmalades won gold in the Dalemain Marmalade Awards. Fortnum & Mason stocked the grapefruit that year.

August 2017:  I found some luscious blackberries in Oxfordshire this month, so the Blackberry & Apple jam is now ready.

So is Victoria Plum.

Sadly, I’ve missed the mulberries this year: they ripened early and coincided with my being ill in July. 

Damsons coming soon.